Meet Your Coach...

Georgiana is an International Sales and Performance Coach for Women Entrepreneurs.  She helps them to make more money, to cultivate confidence and get more yesses.

She specializes in sales, productivity and performance coaching, producing breakthrough results and altering the quality of people’s lives and businesses by making more money and having more fun doing it.

She is the Founder of Millions of Women Strong, a Global movement and Social Enterprise to empower women to be changemakers by living their dreams.  Georgiana believes that women will be the change and she lives to make a difference for women around the world to be the change in the world.

A Best- Selling Author, Speaker, Mentor and Coach.  She is a passionate and an insuppressible leader in empowering women. She blends 30+ years of study, training and work in the fields of Personal and Professional Development, Feminine Power, Business and Management, Sales, Leadership, Coaching and Health and Fitness. 

Georgiana combines a diverse and successful business background with extensive coaching, sales, communication, and facilitation experience. She respects and acknowledges the many “hats” that women wear in their lives and takes a multi-dimensional approach. Georgiana brings a unique combination of skills to her coaching, including a passion for women's growth and a results oriented approach.


Outside of the passion of coaching, Georgiana is crazy about health and nutrition, staying active outdoors as much as possible whether it is golfing, hiking, or walking her sweet dog Harley.  You can often find her at the local coffee shop working and chatting it up with the locals or just driving around getting lost and discovering new places to explore.