Millions of Women Strong


Welcome to a Sisterhood of Disruptors! 


Millions of Women Strong is a global Community for Women who believe that Women are the Change for the world, a sisterhood of disruptors of the status quo.  Shoulder to shoulder we stand to bring strength in numbers.  We are a Community that unites and celebrates Women from all different backgrounds, cultures, experiences and interests.  

 Our mission is to transform the future for women to confidently step into their leadership. 


  • Through collaboration, development and community: the world changes and women leaders are recognized
  • We celebrate our vision, our strengths, and our courage to challenge the status quo
  • We shine light into the darkness to bring forth recognition of issues that directly impact our body, our mind, our spirit, our communities and the world
  • Through the power of storytelling - the collective sharing and vulnerability of our own and others’ stories, we have the opportunity to be seen and heard in our families, communities, society and the World.  
  • Through the power of acceptance and diversity we achieve Personal, Community and Global change

 Millions of Women Strong is a gathering place for women to be recognized, seen, heard and acknowledged for their unique contribution.